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"EzeRx is contemplating IPO launch as part of the future endeavours"

Bhubaneswar-based medtech startup EzeRx, founded in 2018, has developed an easy, painless and non-invasive screening solution to identify primary health parameters at an early stage such as ailments in liver, kidney, lun...Read more

06th May, 2024 | By Dr Manbeena Chawla 

SMT and HeartX forge transformative partnership in cardiovascular space

Setting a new standard for medical innovation, spotlighting India's role in global healthcare advancements...Read more

03rd May, 2024

Dornier MedTech launches world's first AI tool for kidney stone patients

Provides urology patients with access to on-demand advice and actionable insights...Read more

02nd May, 2024

Abbott unveils Next-Generation XIENCE Sierra stent in India

XIENCE Sierra demonstrates flexibility and precision, enabling physicians to access and unblock difficult-to-treat blockages...Read more

02nd May, 2024

Developer of portable MRI and Robotic platform, neuro42 secures investment

Early stage investor Karna D Shinde has invested in neuro42 over multiple rounds in the last few years...Read more

02nd May, 2024

IIT Guwahati pioneers groundbreaking speech reconstruction technology

Patented technology can generate 'artificial voice' from vocal cord vibrations...Read more

02nd May, 2024

Biomerica to enhance colorectal and breast cancer screening in Dubai

Dubai Healthcare Authority granted insurance reimbursement for Biomerica’s EZ Detect colon disease screening test...Read more

30th April, 2024

MGI Tech opens customer experience center in Brazil

To contribute to the advancement of genomics in Latin America...Read more

28th April, 2024

Merck and Huma Therapeutics launch innovative app to support bladder cancer patients

Enabling better care experiences for cancer patients ...Read more

29th April, 2024

Paras Health expands footprint in Delhi-NCR with new medical technologies

New hospital is expected to be completed in 2026...Read more

29th April, 2024

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