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CardiAI and Carleton University Forge Innovative Partnership to Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics

Collaboration to Pioneer Electrolyte Gated-FET Biosensor Technology for Advanced Point-of-Care Diagnostics...Read more

28th February, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

Refocusing on Rare Diseases

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in December 2023, of two milestone treatments, Casgevy and Lyfgenia, representing the first cell-based gene therapies for the treatment of a rare disease called sickle c...Read more

28th February, 2024

Fujifilm launches advanced endoscopic ultrasound machine ALOKA ARIETTA 850 in India

First-ever installation in Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru...Read more

21st February, 2024

Boosting Health for Children: Transition to Electric Vehicles and Clean Power Would Prevent 2.7 Million Asthma Attacks in U.S. Kids

American Lung Association releases report detailing health benefits for children of transition to zero-emission vehicles and electricity...Read more

21st March, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

Neuroscientists in Hong Kong develop blood test for Alzheimer's & mild cognitive impairment

Applicable across diverse ethnic populations, including Chinese and European...Read more

21st February, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

HKUST Neuroscientists Develop Highly Accurate Universal Diagnostic Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment

A game-changer for AD diagnosis and precision treatment...Read more

20th February, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

MicroPort® CRM Advances Heart Failure Treatment in Japan with Launch of GALI™ SonR® CRT-D and NAVIGO™ 4LV Leads

GALI™ SonR® CRT-D and NAVIGO™ 4LV Pacing Leads Launch Set to Enhance Heart Failure Management and Patient Safety...Read more

19th February, 2024

FDA Panel Endorses Abbott's TriClip for Tricuspid Regurgitation Treatment

In a decisive vote, experts highlight the benefits of the minimally invasive device, paving the way for potential FDA approval and offering new hope to patients with limited treatment options....Read more

19th February, 2024

Reverse Hip Replacement System Unveiled at Global Orthopedic Surgery Meeting

OrthoDome Forum Features a Video of the Reverse HRS Hip Replacement Procedure; Presentation also Features Five-Year Radiostereometric Analysis and Patient Reported Outcome Measures of the Reverse HRS...Read more

16th February, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

Dragonfly Therapeutics Collaborates with Gilead Sciences to Advance Combined Immunotherapy for Breast and Lung Cancers

Trodelvy and HER-2 TriNKET combinations will be in metastatic breast cancer (mBC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)....Read more

16th February, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

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