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Asep Medical signs Joint Venture agreement with Sansure Biotech in China

Addressing the growing burden of sepsis in China using PCR-based diagnostic assays...Read more

27th November, 2023

Roche Introduces Automated Serology Tests for Hepatitis E, Including WHO-Recommended Acute Infection Detection

Roche announced the launch of the Elecsys®Anti-HEV IgM and Elecsys Anti-HEV IgG immunoassays for the detection of hepatitis E virus (HEV) infections in countries accepting the CE mark. By testing for HEV infection, cli...Read more

16th November, 2023

Redcliffe Labs offers Prostate Health Index test for patients across India

Introduces advanced PHI processing capability at its National Reference Lab, Noida...Read more

06th November, 2023

GE Healthcare and Novo Nordisk Team Up for Non-Invasive Diabetes & Obesity Treatment

GE HealthCare a collaboration with Novo Nordisk to further advance the clinical and product development of peripheral focused ultrasound (PFUS). This is a novel technology that has potential to specifically regulate meta...Read more

20th October, 2023

BGI Genomics Combats Hepatitis in Ethiopia

Healthcare localization and standardization support the Belt and Road Initiative...Read more

19th October, 2023

Fapon and Halodoc to drive development of Indonesia's in-vitro diagnostics industry

Fapon will support Halodoc in local IVD product research and manufacturing...Read more

17th October, 2023

Boston Scientific Gets FDA Nod for Spinal Cord Stimulation in Diabetic Neuropathy

Nearly 50% of American adults living with diabetes will be affected by diabetic neuropathy complications in their lifetime...Read more

14th October, 2023

Roche's Fenebrutinib Shows Brain Penetration and Lesion Reduction in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: Late-breaking Data

Roche announced new data from the Phase II FENopta study showing that investigational, oral fenebrutinib is brain penetrant and reduces brain lesions in people with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS) with a consistent s...Read more

14th October, 2023

Promega to develop microsatellite instability companion diagnostic IVD kit in collaboration with GSK

To identify patients with the MSI biomarker who may be eligible for potential treatment with Jemperli ...Read more

05th October, 2023

“There is a need for more innovations in the way healthcare is delivered at the point-of-care level”

The reimagination of health systems in India is turning towards a central role being played by point-of-care tests that are accessible and affordable, to enable early detection and timely treatment of a number of disease...Read more

05th October, 2023

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