Molbio Diagnostics forays into breast cancer screening through partnership with Niramai

06th November, 2023

Molbio adds another cap to its universal access portfolio of innovative healthcare solutions

Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Goa ( India )-based Molbio Diagnostics has announced the launch of a strong collaboration with Niramai Health Analytix, a Bengaluru-based deep-tech startup. This partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of Niramai's innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-based non-invasive breast cancer screening solution in developing countries around the world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world and among top-5 deadliest of cancers globally. Although it affects people of all sexes, but it impacts women disproportionately – being among the leading causes of death in women and accounts for 24.5% of all new cancer cases in women worldwide. Late diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the challenges.

Portable point of care (POC) breast cancer screening solutions that enable efficient screening of large populations, especially in low resource settings, is a critical healthcare need across many geographies today. Niramai's Thermalytix is able to bridge these crucial gaps through its unique features.

Considering the high prevalence of breast cancer cases, it is important to screen populations at a large scale, which is possible only by deploying portable, non-invasive diagnostic devices like Thermalytix at point of care.

Through this collaboration, Molbio will promote and distribute Thermalytix in both public and private healthcare markets globally. The partnership builds on the strengths of the two companies to bring cutting-edge technology which would make high-quality diagnostics accessible to everyone.

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