Canopy expands real-time wearable safety from hospitals to home health

18th June, 2024

Leading health systems expand staff safety initiatives by deploying Canopy's real-time support network beyond hospital walls

US-based Canopy, the leading provider of wearable safety technology for healthcare workers, has announced a major expansion of its platform. The company released Wear-1, a new wearable safety button and Canopy Go, a home health solution that expands safety beyond the walls of the hospital to staff visiting patient homes.

With the addition of the new wearable hardware and mobile software, Canopy is further solidifying its commitment to protecting healthcare staff and ultimately enhancing patient care.

The new Canopy Wear-1 buttons offer unmatched safety and security for healthcare workers when and wherever they need it. Paired with a sleek design and 7-year battery life, these updated wearable devices are fully compatible with existing customer systems and are central to the new Canopy Go home health solution.

Canopy buttons, currently protecting over 200,000 healthcare workers across more than 40 health systems – including complex indoor facilities, outdoor areas, parking lots, and multi-story garages, ensure staff are connected and feel supported by their organization. By creating safer environments, healthcare providers empower their staff to focus on delivering the highest quality care.

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