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Korean medtech startup HoneyNaps secures $11.6 M Series B investment

Propelling its entry into the American medical market...Read more

24th May, 2024

TDK Corp partners with IIT Madras to support diagnostic, medtech startups

Identifying, supporting, mentoring, and investing in healthcare and diagnostic technologies...Read more

21st May, 2024

Exploring Japan's Healthcare Landscape, Opportunities, and Challenges at MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO

Tokyo, Japan - Connecting Healthcare Innovators: Exploring New Opportunities at the Premier Medical Trade Show by RX Japan Ltd....Read more

20th May, 2024

Singapore opens first public-private partnership centre for specialty molecular testing

A significant milestone in Singapore's journey towards a future of advanced and accessible precision medicine...Read more

18th May, 2024

Japan's HOYA Group to distribute AI-assisted lesion detection device in US

Pending field trials and customer demonstrations to be conducted over the next several months...Read more

18th May, 2024

AsiaMedic partners with Sunway to establish new diagnostic imaging centre in Singapore

Expected to commence operations by November 2024...Read more

15th May, 2024

Inocras, AstraZeneca strengthen genetic testing services in Hong Kong and Macau

For eligible patients diagnosed with breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer...Read more

07th May, 2024

PolyU forms global partnership with Zeiss to accelerate market penetration of myopia control technology

Deepening cooperation to combat progressive myopia for the benefit of children around the world...Read more

25th April, 2024

Hong Kong develops machine learning model to predict risk of severe hypoglycemia in diabetics

The model has the potential to be integrated into electronic health record decision support system...Read more

23rd April, 2024

Japanese startup AIM signs joint research agreement with Thailand's Mahidol University for endoscopic AI

To explore the potential of utilising Japanese gastrointestinal endoscopy AI in clinical settings in Thailand...Read more

22nd April, 2024

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