Israel's CollPlant bio-prints 200cc commercial-size regenerative breast implants

07th June, 2024

Comprised of CollPlant's proprietary plant-derived rhCollagen and other biomaterials

CollPlant Biotechnologies, an Israel-based regenerative and aesthetics medicine company developing innovative technologies and products based on its non-animal-derived recombinant human collagen (rhCollagen) for tissue regeneration and organ manufacturing, has successfully printed for the first-time breast implants of 200 cc, which are commercial size.

These implants were printed using CollPlant's proprietary rhCollagen bioinks. In addition, CollPlant announced additional, positive, interim preclinical data from ongoing large-animal studies, evaluating its regenerative breast implants. Currently there are no other commercial products that allow regeneration of soft tissues such as the breast.
CollPlant's rhCollagen-based, 3D-bioprinted breast implants that are comprised of CollPlant's proprietary plant-derived rhCollagen and other biomaterials, are expected to regenerate breast tissue without eliciting immune response, and therefore may provide alternative for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, including postmastectomy for cancer patients.

In addition, CollPlant's regenerative breast implants have the potential to provide a novel solution for women in the need for breast reconstruction and augmentation, the need of which is sizeable, as it is the second most common plastic surgery procedure that is performed worldwide today. 

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