OSSIO expands portfolio of highly differentiated bio-integrative fixation implants

20th June, 2024

Revolutionary material science innovation, OSSIOfiber continues to evolve standard of care in orthopaedic surgery

US-based OSSIO, Inc., a fast-growing medical technology company focused on evolving orthopaedic surgery with bio-integrative fixation implants that leave no permanent implant behind, recently expanded its offering with the launch of OSSIOfiber small compression staples for use in both hand and foot procedures, especially for bunion repair with a surgical technique known as the Akin osteotomy.

Cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2023, OSSIOfiber small compression staples, the company’s latest offering for orthopedic fixation, expands the company’s product portfolio, which already includes larger compression staples, as well as suture anchors, compression screws, trimmable fixation nails and a hammertoe fixation system.

All OSSIOfiber implants are made with the same bio-integrative fiber matrix, a revolutionary advance in material science. Combining this highly differentiated technology with exceptional instrumentation, OSSIOfiber small compression staples were intentionally designed for ease of use, for compression strength that matches or exceeds nitinol staples, and with all the advantages of a non-permanent implant that patients prefer.

OSSIOfiber small compression staples are indicated for fixation of arthrodesis, osteotomies, and fractures in hand or foot surgery in the presence of appropriate brace and/or immobilisation. 

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