MathWorks accelerates development of software-defined workflows in Med Tech with NVIDIA

08th May, 2024

To develop software-defined, hardware-accelerated, low-latency medical applications that handle real-time streaming I/O data

MathWorks, a leading developer of mathematical computing software, has announced an integration that makes MATLAB® available in the NVIDIA Holoscan platform. Medical device engineers can now accelerate the development and deployment of streaming data analysis and visualisation applications by wrapping existing MATLAB algorithms and functions into GPU-accelerated NVIDIA Holoscan operators for real-time data processing and inference.

NVIDIA Holoscan is a sensor processing platform that streamlines the development and deployment of AI and high-performance computing applications for real-time insights. The platform helps bring the latest AI applications into clinical settings by providing full-stack infrastructure for scalable, software-defined streaming data processing at the edge.

The MATLAB integration into Holoscan will help medical device engineers use existing built-in matrix operations and complex toolbox functions for image and signal processing, filtering, transforms, and deep learning algorithms. Implementing a Holoscan pipeline with MATLAB requires four steps: creating a MATLAB function, generating accelerated CUDA code using GPU Coder™, creating a Holoscan operator wrapper, and re-building the Holoscan application with a new MATLAB operator. This allows the creation of a completely functional, software-defined workflow for medical devices. Additional integrated verification and validation capabilities in MATLAB and Holoscan allow developed software-defined workflows to comply with industry regulations and standards.

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