Developer of portable MRI and Robotic platform, neuro42 secures investment

02nd May, 2024

Early stage investor Karna D Shinde has invested in neuro42 over multiple rounds in the last few years

image credit- shutterstock

image credit- shutterstock

In a recent announcement, US-based medtech startup neuro42 has secured undisclosed investments from investor, Karna D Shinde. This is Karna’s third round of investment in the company. neuro42, a game changer technology in the field of neurosurgery recently received US FDA clearance for its innovative diagnostic MRI product. The 510(k) clearance, received in February 2024, marks a significant milestone for neuro42 and sets the stage for the commercialisation of its cutting-edge diagnostic MRI machine later this year.

neuro42's portable MRI is designed to specialise in imaging the brain and head, with a key focus on MR-guided interventions. One of the primary drivers of innovation at neuro42 is its ability to amplify the capabilities of neurosurgeons, particularly in complex and time-sensitive procedures such as the treatment of brain tumours and epilepsy. 

The commercialization of neuro42's MRI and robotic platform is expected to have far-reaching implications for the field of neurosurgery, offering new possibilities for enhancing targeted treatment planning and patient care. As the startup prepares to launch its product later this year, anticipation is high within the medical community for the transformative potential of neuro42's advanced neuroimaging solutions.

neuro42 MRI is receiving positive feedback and has generated significant interest from healthcare facilities in multiple states like Telangana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

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