Dornier MedTech launches world's first AI tool for kidney stone patients

02nd May, 2024

Provides urology patients with access to on-demand advice and actionable insights

Dornier MedTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-based Advanced MedTech Holdings (AMTH), has announced the launch of UroGPT, a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to support kidney stone patients.

Developed in collaboration with leading urologists, UroGPT reflects Dornier MedTech’s dedication to harnessing the latest digital advancements to improve patient care and engagement. The innovative tool provides urology patients with access to on-demand advice and actionable insights that inform and reassure users when navigating the complexities of their condition.

Developed by Dornier MedTech, with both patients and urologists in mind, UroGPT can also assist healthcare professionals in educating patients on their condition, and provide patients with immediate round-the-clock support, helping to mitigate unnecessary clinic visits. UroGPT leverages an AI-powered Large-Language Model (LLM) that draws on an extensive database of resources within the WPE Wellness platform, offering medically approved guidance to help combat medical misinformation online. Fully HIPAA-compliant, patients can also be assured that the privacy and integrity of their health information is protected when using UroGPT. Additional studies to evaluate the positive impact of UroGPT, assessing its effectiveness and ease-of-use among patients as well as the role of UroGPT in supporting post-operative recovery are underway with both UCLA and Stanford University respectively, with findings to be issued in due course.

Abel Ang, Group Chief Executive of Advanced MedTech, said, “UroGPT gives you straight-up, reliable information about your urological concerns. Not just medical jargon, but clear talk you can understand. That’s what patients want. That’s what we spend every second of every day obsessing about."


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