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Curbing NCD epidemic: Leveraging integrated point-of-care diagnostic devices

Point-of-Care diagnostics represents a powerful tool in the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases...Read more

17th May, 2024 | By Pritam Kumawat, CEO and Co-founder, Sanskritech Smart Solutions  

“Early diagnosis through advanced screening tech, coupled with heightened awareness is crucial”

The oncology market in India is steadily growing, driven by an increasing cancer incidence and a strong demand for advanced treatments. However, there remains substantial untapped potential, primarily in improving a...Read more

28th February, 2024 | By By Bhagwati Prasad ( MedTech Spectrum & BioSpectrum India ) 

Boston Scientific appoints Madan Krishnan to lead India subcontinent

Krishnan is an international business leader with more than two decades of progressive leadership experience...Read more

19th February, 2024

“Rapid evolution of technologies, biopharmaceuticals, and genomic medicine are reshaping the healthcare sector”

Terumo India, the Indian arm of Japan-based medtech firm Terumo Corporation, has recently announced the launch of new medical tools, intended for use in the management of liver cancer. With World Cancer Day, on February ...Read more

02nd February, 2024

3D Printing Our Way to the Future of MedTech

Care is becoming more personalized. Innovation cycles are growing shorter and shorter. Healthcare companies are increasingly looking for ways to eliminate waste and complexity. These are only a few of the reasons why 3D ...Read more

30th January, 2024

8 Major Trends in Patient-Centric Care

Health policies and regulations influence the accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare services, striving to create a balance that meets the needs of diverse populations. However challenges persist within ...Read more

08th January, 2024 | By Dr Hari Natarajan, Founder & Managing Partner, Pronto Consult 

Biomedical Innovation: Answer for Climate-sensitive Diseases

The world is finally paying attention to the impact of climate change on neglected diseases. What we need now is medical innovation....Read more

08th January, 2024 | By Dr Kavita Singh, Director, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, South Asia 

“The Open Innovation Program has become a trend in the molecular diagnostics industry”

Established in 2000, South Korea based Seegene Inc is a leader in molecular diagnostics and achieved remarkable financial success with over $1 billion in revenue and 65 per cent gross margins. With a mission for a diseas...Read more

08th January, 2024

Targeted Battle Against HPV

Since the launch of the global strategy against cervical cancer in 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has accelerated the initiative by virtue of commitments and strategies offered by governments and organisations...Read more

08th January, 2024

Urology of Virginia Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joshua Langston Assumes Role of Managing Partner and CEO at Urology of Virginia...Read more

02nd January, 2024 | By Vrushti Kothari 

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