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Breakthrough in 0.05 Tesla MRI by engineering team in Hong Kong

Operating without the need for radiofrequency or magnetic shielding to address MRI accessibility...Read more

24th June, 2024

China-based startup Ronovo Surgical raises $44 M in series B funding round

To accelerate the commercialisation of its proprietary modular robotic system, the Carina Platform...Read more

21st June, 2024

Hong Kong-based startup ABE Technology introduces AI-enhanced cardiac imaging system CardioVision

AI-driven diagnostics for precise and reliable imaging...Read more

12th June, 2024

Hong Kong enhances stereotactic neurosurgery precision using MRI-guided multi-stage robotic positioner

Representing a key breakthrough in MRI-guided stereotactic neurosurgery ...Read more

27th May, 2024

Hong Kong-based startup Eieling Technology implements large-scale liver disease screening programme

To improve public awareness of liver disease prevention and promote early detection and treatment...Read more

21st May, 2024

BGI establishes intelligent lab in China for initiating colorectal cancer risk assessment

For managing chronic diseases and shaping future medical practices...Read more

13th May, 2024

MGI Tech opens customer experience center in Brazil

To contribute to the advancement of genomics in Latin America...Read more

28th April, 2024

China's United Imaging Healthcare strengthens partnership with MedikaBazaar for Indian market leadership

India is one of the most strategic markets for United Imaging's international business...Read more

25th April, 2024

Hong Kong designs nanorobots for saving stroke patients from brain damage

Timely and precise intervention increases the potential for stroke recovery...Read more

04th April, 2024

CMUH & Microsoft develop Chinese speech AI engine application for medical institutions in Taiwan

gHi system is the world's first GenAI medical record system in Mandarin and reduces time spent by 75%...Read more

03rd April, 2024

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