Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo 2023 Inaugurated by President Tsai Ing-wen, Showcasing Technological Prowess in Global Healthcare Revolution

30th November, 2023

Today marked the grand inauguration of the highly-anticipated Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2023, spearheaded by President Tsai Ing-wen, emphasizing Taiwan's pioneering role in advancing the healthcare landscape through state-of-the-art technologies. Distinguished for its expertise in AI, cloud computing, IoT, 5G, and display technology, Taiwan has emerged as the leading tech hub propelling biomedical progress.

The expo, a convergence of Medtech, Biotech, and Healthtech, serves as a nexus for industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to explore the latest trends and innovations. Centered on precision health and digital health, the event aims to expedite the development of transformative technologies and services shaping the future of healthcare.

Key figures endorsing the event include:

  • Barry Lam, Chairman, Quanta Group
  • Jonney Shin, Chairman, ASUS
  • Terry Gou, Founder, Foxconn Group
  • Patrick Geisinger, CEO, Intel

These industry luminaries underscore the significance of collaboration and the pivotal role of technology in enhancing global healthcare.

"We are committed to accelerating technologies and services in the field of precision health and digital health," says Barry Lam, Chairman of Quanta Group. Joining him, Jonney Shin, Chairman of ASUS, adds, "Join us and be a part of this digital revolution!"

The expo not only offers lucrative business opportunities but also serves as a forum where healthcare leaders converge to share insights. Datuk Dr. Kuljit Singh, President of the Association of Private Hospital Malaysia, expresses excitement about exploring Taiwan's cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Pongpat Patanavanich, Advisory of Thailand Private Hospital Association, commends Taiwan for successfully developing a healthcare system at the forefront of Asia.

With 650 exhibitors, 2,500 booths, and participation from 35,000 professionals across 23 countries and 50+ associations, the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2023 is poised to be a global healthcare phenomenon. The expo focuses on various topics:


  1. Smart Hospital: Solutions from tech giants like Advantech, Qisda (BenQ), and Quanta showcasing smart hospital solutions, healthcare AI platforms, telemedicine, 5G applications, and medical cloud solutions.

  2. Digital Health: Platforms powered by digital technologies, medical software, wireless and mobile gadgets, AIoT-connected equipment, and systems that expedite hospital digital transformation presented by industry leaders like Asus, Acer, Intel, Inventec, Microsoft, Oracle, and Wistron.

  3. Medical Devices: AI-ready medical panels, pioneering portable ultrasound devices, surgical robots, and instruments. Meet sustainable medical device developers and innovations from AUO, CHC, Delta, HIWIN, Innolux (InnoCare), Onyx, Roche, and Varian.

  4. Precision Diagnostics: A robust supply chain encompassing whole genome sequencing, pathogenomics, NIPS, cancer genomics, and bioinformatics, automated diagnosis systems, biomaterials, and high-quality development and manufacturing services.

  5. Regenerative Medicine: Explore novel therapies, including exosome therapy and cell therapy for cancer treatment, stroke, bone healing, and anti-aging remedies. Build clinical partnerships with leading medical centers, research institutes, and biotech companies.

Event Details:

  • Exhibitors: 650
  • Booths: 2,500
  • Professionals: 35,000
  • Countries: 23
  • Associations: 50+
  • Hospitals: 500 worldwide

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