Hong Kong-based startup ABE Technology introduces AI-enhanced cardiac imaging system CardioVision

12th June, 2024

AI-driven diagnostics for precise and reliable imaging

image credit- shutterstock

image credit- shutterstock

ABE Technology, a startup based in Hong Kong, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, CardioVision, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cardiac imaging system designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of cardiac diagnostics.

This new system integrates advanced artificial intelligence to streamline imaging processes and enhance patient care.

CardioVision utilises advanced AI algorithms to refine imaging quality and diagnostic accuracy. AI-driven diagnostics for precise and reliable imaging results essential for addressing complex cardiac conditions and workflow efficiency with automated features like patient isocentering and advanced image reconstruction reduce the duration of imaging procedures, enabling quicker, more efficient workflows are key features of CardioVision.

"Our development of CardioVision was in direct response to the needs expressed by cardiologists and radiologists," stated Dr Lee Chan, Chief Technology Officer at ABE Technology. "This system is designed to make cardiac diagnostics more accurate and less time-consuming."


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