BGI establishes intelligent lab in China for initiating colorectal cancer risk assessment

13th May, 2024

For managing chronic diseases and shaping future medical practices

The BGI-Heilongjiang Omics Health Axis Intelligent Laboratory (BGI-HL OHA Intelligent Laboratory) was recently inaugurated in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China, marking a significant advance in the province's efforts to address public health challenges.

Utilising the '13311i GigaLab' technological framework, this facility supports vital life and health science research, enhancing the region's capacity to produce innovative health solutions.

The opening ceremony featured BGI Group CEO and BGI Genomics Vice Chairman Yin Ye, BGI Genomics Vice President Li Zhiping, and BGI Genomics Northeast Region General Manager Su Hang, along with Heilongjiang Longwei Precision Medicine Laboratory Chairman Jia Lipeng. 

The laboratory's first significant initiative involves assessing colorectal cancer risks for nearly 800,000 eligible for screening (45-64-year-old residents), employing gene methylation technology for early detection and preventive care. This large-scale public health effort exemplifies the Lab's commitment to precision medicine, tailored to combat public health issues more effectively.

Looking ahead, this lab plans to broaden its impact through extensive genomic research projects that will benefit public health, precision medicine, and even modern agriculture.

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