CMUH & Microsoft develop Chinese speech AI engine application for medical institutions in Taiwan

03rd April, 2024

gHi system is the world's first GenAI medical record system in Mandarin and reduces time spent by 75%

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) and Microsoft Taiwan have announced the Generative Healthcare Intelligent (gHi) System, which is being applied to the hospital's medical records.

According to CMUH, gHi is not only the world's first GenAI medical record system constructed mainly in Mandarin, but also has been referred to as "the Mandarin version of Nuance applications."

Nuance, a Microsoft company, is the pioneer and leader in conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and ambient intelligence with solutions to alleviate the burden of clinical documentation and empower providers to deliver better patient experiences.

"gHi" system captures and recognises verbal input from healthcare professionals, and efficiently generates medical records using its AI engine. Being supported by Microsoft Azure GPT-4, gHi system allows experts to record medical information through verbal input. Further, it utilises language models to summarise and analyse text, and automatically generate medical terminology and recommendations from the key information. gHi will undergo continued optimisation to expand the scope of healthcare services, with more emphasis on patient-centric care and patient needs to further improve medical quality. gHi system is beneficial in improving medical record quality, as well as facilitating interdisciplinary cooperation and communication.

CMUH and Microsoft Taiwan plan to continuously invest in AI applications for next-generation medical platforms, driving the intelligent transformation of Taiwan's healthcare industry.

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