Mindray Debuts TV Series Ventilators

03rd November, 2023

Transforming Patient Care on the Move

Transforming Patient Care on the Move

Transforming Patient Care on the Move

Mindray has unveiled its latest advancements in patient transport ventilation solutions with the introduction of the TV80 and TV50 Transport Ventilators. Designed to meet the needs of diverse patient populations during transportation, these devices offer a new level of convenience, performance, and versatility.


Critically ill patients often require intra-hospital transport for necessary diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, but they face increased risks of adverse events, such as hypotension, desaturation, and dislodged peripheral lines. Reported adverse event rates range from 6% to as high as 70% [1]. Therefore, high-quality ventilation support during the transfer process is crucial for stabilizing critically ill patients and minimizing adverse events, thus improving patient outcomes and enhancing the overall quality of care.


To support medical staff in providing optimal outcomes for patients during transport, Mindray offers two ventilator options. The TV80 is optimized for intra-hospital transport scenarios with its modular expandability and ICU-level ventilation, while also offering pre-hospital transport capabilities. As a supplementary, the TV50 offers a lightweight and portable solution that is well-suited for emergency care in pre-hospital settings.

TV80: Unlimited Adaptability, Uninterrupted Care

Innovative integration: streamlined intra-hospital transport for greater efficiency

When transporting critically ill patients within a hospital setting, medical staff often have to deal switching and carrying between multiple pieces of equipment across various departments. This not only adds complexity to the transport process, consuming time and also poses potential risks to patient safety.


To address the issue, the TV80 transport ventilator offers an efficient solution for intra-hospital transport by integrating the ventilator, patient monitor, infusion pump, and high-pressure oxygen cylinder into a single platform. This integration helps to optimize and reduce the time required for transport preparation.


In addition to the device integration, the TV80 transport ventilator also simplifies patient transport with seamless data integration. In just one step, it connects and automatically synchronizes bedside ventilation settings through Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor without the need for cable reconnection. Vital signs are continuously monitored and recorded throughout the transport process, providing clinicians with real-time data on important patient vital signs.


During patient handover, all ventilation and monitoring data from the transport is seamlessly uploaded to the bedside monitor. This ensures uninterrupted ventilation and monitoring, improving patient transfer efficiency and enhancing overall patient safety.

Powerful ICU-level ventilation: comprehensive care for all

To meet the personalized and optimized respiratory support needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients, the TV80 transport ventilator is designed to provide comprehensive ventilation support that aligns with ICU standards. It offers a wide range of ventilation options, including invasive, non-invasive, and O2 therapy ventilation, enabling medical staff to deliver tailored support for each patient.


During the critical task of transporting neonatal patients, extra attention is required. The TV80 is equipped with a dedicated and highly accurate proximal flow sensor that can precisely measure tidal volume, with a minimum of 2 ml. By ensuring adequate ventilation, maintaining normal alveolar pressure, and minimizing the risk of lung injury, the TV80 prioritizes the well-being of neonatal patients during transportation.

Thoughtful battery and oxygenation management: usage and maintenance at ease

Equipped with a non-consuming O2 sensor and real-time monitoring, the TV80 guarantees zero oxygen sensor maintenance and calibration.


It also equipped with over 11-hour battery life, and battery capacity remains visible even when powered off, assisting transport medical staff to easily manage the battery.


Medical staff can now focus on patient safety, making the daily usage and maintenance of the transport ventilator more convenient for enhanced patient safety.

TV50: Mini, Mighty, More!

The TV50 compact and powerful transport ventilator weighs only 4.5kg, making it 30% lighter than regular turbine-driven transport ventilators. Despite its small size, it delivers impressive functionality with a high-performance turbine and comprehensive ventilation options. Ideal for demanding environments, including helicopter patient transfer, the TV50 is a durable and reliable companion for medical professionals during pre-hospital emergency transport.

Mark Sun

General Manager of Mindray International PMLS Sales & Marketing

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality and efficiency of patient transport care through our innovative solutions. Our focus lies in streamlining processes and optimizing equipment for effective pre-hospital and intra-hospital transport, ultimately contributing to high-quality transport care.


With the launch of the TV80 and TV50 transport ventilators, Mindray continues to empower medical professionals with advanced tools to ensure safe and efficient patient transport.

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